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La Villa Group

State of mind

The Villa is a haven of peace ideally located between the sea and the National Park´s sand dunes, on the edge of the small village of Jericoacoara. Away from the hustle and bustle of the center, in a worry of aesthetics and serenity, all of its bungalows and villas are bathed in a unique atmosphere. In a refined and delicately decorated setting, the heart of the pousada beats around the bar and pool, and offers a warm atmosphere. The houses, more intimate, like small showcases apart, live at their own pace, each enjoying its private pool. Faithful to the particular state of mind that reigns in a guest house and charm, the owners have two key words: well-being and harmony.

  • La Villa Pool

  • La Villa Restaurant

  • La Villa Breakfast

  • La Villa Lounge

  • La Villa Garden

  • Piscine's View La Villa Praia

  • La Villa Praia Pool

  • La Villa Praia Lounge

  • La Villa Praia Lounge

  • La Villa Praia Garden

  • Breakfast La Villa Praia

  • La Villa Jomael Pool

  • La Villa Jomael Pool

  • La Villa Jomael Lounge

  • La Villa Jomael Breakfast

  • La Villa Alegria Pool

  • La Villa Alegria Lounge

  • La Villa Alegria Lounge

  • La Villa Alegria Lounge

  • La Villa Paz Pool

  • La Villa Paz Kitchen

  • La Villa Paz Kitchen

  • La Villa Paz Garden

  • La Villa Paz Rooftop

  • La Villa Paz Organic Garden

Common areas

The Staff

More than a Staff, a family.

Little attentions, a smile ... it makes you feel at home.
Our guests sometimes become our friends and we put all our heart to make their stay unforgettable.

  • Ilda Room maid
  • Fernanda Human Resources
  • Secretário Transfer Agent
  • Renata Breakfast
  • Jéssica Restaurant Assistant
  • Gilberto Barman
  • S t a f f

The Pousadas

La Villa Jericoacoara is composed by seven Pousadas, all of them with a harmonic architecture using noble materials, stones and wood and making it part of the natural beauty that surrounds them.

  • The Villa Mati reflects the exclusive spirit of La Villa Group´s properties, offering high level hotel services and the luxury of a private villa.

  • Located near Tatajuba and Beira do Rio Coreaú, about 25 km from Jericoacoara is Villa Paz, a heaven of tranquility and sophistication.With a differen...

  • The lush Villa Jomael is located in front of the restful dunes of Jericoacoara National Park. Built to be fully integrated in the beautiful natural de...

  • In front of the Dunes Jericoacoara National Park, La Villa Praia combines comfort and liveliness that is authentic in Brazilian guesthouses with simpl...

  • With a beautiful view of the Duna Por do Sol the Pousada La Villa is the group's headquarters, it was designed to offer short and sophistication in a ...

  • Integrated to the Pousada La Villa, La Villa Alegria is an exclusive and private area, a true haven. This property features 4 luxurious african-style ...



Jericoacoara offers plenty of options and we can organize all for you in order to help you to live unforgettable moments.



We offer a selection of diversified and healthy dishes that will satisfy your taste buds.
Throughout the day, our bartenders are at your disposal to serve you our great classics or more exotic cocktails.


Allow yourself to enjoy this moment to take care of your mind and body, with theraupetic and relaxing treatments provided by professionals

Social Responsibility

La Villa Group is engaged in a sustainable development program promoting environmentally friendly practices, thus ensuring our guests a feeling of well-being and a healthy diet throughout their stay.
All our Villas meet the criteria of sustainable development and participate in the reduction of the washing of bed linen and towels.
In addition to monthly controls on water and energy consumption, our commitment is to reduce our carbon footprint with recycling programs and LED lighting, providing information on environmental best practices to our teams and our customers and allowing to preserve our little peace of heaven.


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R. da Dunas, 50, Jijoca de Jericoacoara - CE, 62598-000, Brasil
How to come from Fortaleza?

By Hilux 4x4 or by helicopter, there are several options available to you to reach our little piece of the paradise.
Contact us for the cost.

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